April Fools, 2017

It's been a rough week for South African politics.

Tomorrow is April Fool's day. Though it really feels like we're all being taken for the fools here, with the 2017 cabinet reshuffle. If it's not come to be known as Bloody Friday at some point in the future, historians are not doing us justice.

Here's a brief tour of some faces in the new cabinet:

Our new Minister of Police is Fikile Mbalula - in his capacity as Minister of Sport and Recreation, he oversaw a quota system that, when it was not implemented quickly enough, led to him banning 4 sport codes from participating in international events. He also has a taste for young models.

The Deputy Minister of Police, Bongani Mkongi, openly called for murder when he demanded that an entire building be burned down, over a banner he disagreed with. He was so upset on the day, that he dared the ANC to fire him, rather than retract his remarks.

The former Deputy Minister of the Department of Public Service and Administration, Ayanda Dlodlo, is now the new Minister of Communications. Under DPSA's watch, South Africa has maintained (and grown) one of the largest, most bloated, ineffective and corruptible civil services in the world.

Let's not forget that our migration to digital terrestrial television is already 6 years overdue, that the allocation of spectrum is still being hamstrung, and that we're way behind on the rollout of fixed-line infrastructure, thanks to ANC incompetence - none of which is likely to change now.

And finally, our new Minister of Finance is Malusi Gigaba, a man that famously invented a false child-trafficking statistic to force through new border control policies that saw our national tourism industry suffer - and refused to listen to any criticism until called to order by the ANC. He's also famous for being an absolute Zuma sycophant, and is rumored to be living directly in the pockets of the Gupta family.

My opinion on all of this really echoes the loudest sentiment that's been expressed across social media today - South Africa itself is under attack by one man, who has now pulled the trigger on his end-game. The time between now and 2019 will be crucial - if the ANC retains power in its current form, despite everything they have permitted Zuma to get away with, then we truly are doomed.

It's worth remembering: This can all be stopped more or less overnight. There are rules in place, both in Parliament and the ANC's internal constitution, that allow for the President (of both) to be removed. Every argument you hear about there "still being good people in the ANC" should sound hollower over time, as these mysterious "good people" refuse to do anything about their rogue President.

And he is rogue, make no mistake - the ANC itself was not consulted on the new cabinet list. Whoever Zuma is taking orders from, this is the clearest indication yet that it's not his own party. Even to the most ardent ANC supporter, this should sound a clear warning sign.

The EFF, DA, IFP and others can only do so much - it's the ANC itself that needs to have a moral reawakening. There is still a chance that this can all be saved, if they realize that their liberation movement only has one last oppressor to overthrow: itself.

And in doing so, instil true democracy, and put the power back in the hands of the people. People who care nothing for politics, shuffles and deals, but just want decent jobs and dignified lives.

One can hope, right?

Wogan May

A South African citizen looking for Truth and Reconciliation among all the noise. Believes in Libertarian principles, and Capitalism as the engine for prosperity.

South Africa

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